Galerie Wildlife Art, Pieuvre en grillage, sculptures en grillage, Aurélien Raynaud, peintre sculpteur animalier

Wire sculpture : 


I started the work of the wire few years ago. I like to discover new techniques and use unconventional materials. In addition, this support allows me to undertake large formats thanks to its lightness, flexibility and low cost. It is a work of weaving and modeling in its own right, the sensuality of which is unfortunately limited to the gaze.

These pieces are designed to be displayed outdoors.

Chouette en papier, Aurélien Raynaud, peintre sculpteur animalier

Paper sculpture :


Paper is a resource that allows me to translate light and airy shapes.

Birds lend themselves particularly well to this material.

Other works : horse bust, butterflies, snakes …

Gorille, sculpture en bronze, Aurélien Raynaud, peintre sculpteur animalier

Bronze sculpture


First there is clay. I make my original sculptures in clay or plaster. These are cast and edited in 8 copies in bronze.

All my sculptures are made by Barthelemy Art foundry in Crest, France.

The work of carving and patinas gives each pieces its unique character.

Serpent en acier, @aurelienraynaud

Steel sculpture : 


Working with steel requires a certain endurance and often turns into a real balance of power between matter and will, but it is just a much delicacy and sensuality. Each new work induces a new apprenticeship, through the approachof the boiler making, the forge….

Orang outan, sculpture en chêne, Aurélien Raynaud, peintre sculpteur animalier

Wood sculpture : 


One of the noblest material i like to work with.

For several years now I have been working to use only local woods from my region.


Oiseau, argile,@aurelienraynaud

Clay and plaster sculpture : 


Working with clay is one of the most pleasant ways to work. It is often the prerequisite for the sculptures that will be published in bronze or serves as a rough outline for large formats.

I like to patina it and play with its appearance to give it wood or metal aspects.